Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Leavers Book 2020

Thank you to every teacher at Oasis for making my school time a rollercoaster journey! Especially Miss Warnes who taught me how to show more confidence in myself in Dance and Performing Arts. 

Holly G (11MKN)

My time at school was a complete rollercoaster. I had good teachers and some amazing friends to be around and make memories with. My favourite memories of the school would be those tutor hours during the week where I would joke around with my friends and give the weirdest answers or sentences that were very embarrassing. During Year 9, I said that all animals were born in spring and people still bring it up to this day. 
I want to thank everyone who has supported me during these five long years and even the people i don't get along with. You have made this journey incredible and I wish everyone luck in the future.

Lilly-Anne W (11MHA)

My favourite memory would probably be the Year 10 Sports Day as we were all brought together to celebrate one of the main events as a whole year for one last time. Siobhan M - I’ll miss you so much and thanks for everything. Mr Hall - Thank you for helping me in English and throughout the year; when I was not feeling my best you always found a way to cheer me up and have a laugh with the whole class. Mrs Gray - Thank you for making cookery so enjoyable (though sometimes stressful!). Overall the 4 years you taught me for were the best. All teachers that taught me - THANK YOU!

Tei-Anna C (11NMC)

I’ve had the best five years here and I wouldn’t have changed any of it. It’s been proper challenging but I’m still here standing strong. I have met some amazing people and made some lifelong friendships. Leaving  Chamberlain in year 7 was the best decision I ever made! Mr Grindley - I’m so thankful for everything you have ever done for me; I wouldn’t have been able to get through it all without you. Going to miss you all like mad. Good luck for the future everyone - see you all real soon...

Laila C (11RMA)

To Cameron, Courtney and Jess: Thank you for making my short time at Oasis the best time possible. I wasn’t there long but you’ve made it an amazing experience to look back on and have a laugh about. We’ve had so many times that we can laugh about... like me and the stairs... Jess and we know who... Courtney and your really addictive laugh... Cameron being tortured by 3 girls - but he didn’t mind it really, let’s be real! I couldn’t have done Year 10 and especially Year 11 without you three. I love you all so much.

Louise N (11MKN)

Thank you so much for all the amazing memories over the last few years.

Richard M (11MHA)

My favourite thing about the past five years were some of the people I have met. I've got lots of amazing memories with different people. Like hanging out in Mrs Pipers room at lunch with Louise, Jess, Morgan and Kira - or having a laugh choreographing dances with Miss Warnes. So thank you to EVERYONE who made these memories with me.

Courtney B (11MKN)

I really enjoyed how around the exam periods my friends would come together, making sure that no one was worried and making sure that any topics we were confused about and that others knew were taught to the people who didn’t understand them. It's because of this that I’ve learned to not take anyone or anything for granted.

Kira W (11SHA)

Thank you for a great 5 years.

Jasmine H (11JKO)


I have had a good 5 years at Mayfield. I want to give a shout out to the LAC for being very helpful. My favourite memory at school was when we went to London for the Rock Assembly Concert.

Taylor C (11MTI)

Oasis has been a great support system over the years and supported in giving me the freedom to find my true self. I have met some amazing friends that I will never forget - you guys know who you are; you have seen me through good times and bad and I will never forget the memories we have shared together. I will miss you all. Some notable teachers I’d love to thank for being there for me are: Miss Roberts for believing in me from the very start and contributing to making me more confident to perform and do what I love; Mr King for always being there for me to talk to - you were an amazing tutor and a great help through hard times; Mr Howard for helping me with History and always being there for me to talk to. And of course Mr Grindley for seeing us all through and for being like a second Dad to us all.

Victoria B (11RMA)

Thank you to each individual person who I’ve been lucky enough to share this amazing journey with. From me being a short boy to being frequently told “stop growing”. I’m really grateful to everyone who has changed me for the better.

Ethan R (11JKO)

To Miss Irwin and Mr Elliot: Thank you for being my photography teachers throughout Year 10 and 11 and showing me lots of different tips and alternative and creative work ideas. My favourite memory of Oasis Academy Mayfield is when we used to do Sports Day and I could spend most of the day with my friends, cheering them on at different activity stations! Thank you to Victoria, Amber, Taylor, Logan and Maddie (Year 10) for being my friends throughout Oasis and always having a good laugh with me, which has continued in the weekly quizzes together outside of school.

Megan S (11MTI)

To Louise and many other great friends - thanks for making the last year bearable.

Cameron T (11MHA)

English was fun when we talked about the funniest and the most random stuff. I'm also happy to have the friends I have today.

Miles T (11JKO)

Year 11 was literally ♥ - going to miss hanging out with Jamie and Miss Rahman in Art and constantly writing EPIC paragraphs over and over in English with Miss Evans and Mr Hall. Also, thank you to Mrs Warwick for always helping me and others in Art since Year 10 - you've been a big help and I’ve enjoyed every lesson.

Olivia P (11MTI)

Thank you to everyone who made my time at Oasis some of the best years of my life, especially Miss Warnes who is always smiling and makes her lessons fun and enjoyable - I always felt welcomed when in her classes. Also, Mr Grindley who was by far the best Head of Year we’ve had at Oasis Mayfield...

Alicia B (11SHA)

Louise and Courtney - Thank you for being my absolute rocks and making 5 years of my life so much brighter. I will love you both for the rest of my life.

Jessica B (11MHA)

Great memories at Mayfield. Good friends – Sam, Warren, Matthew, Femi, Tyler and Jamie. Best teachers – Mr Grindley, Miss Hurd and Miss Corbin.

Louis P (11SHA)

Live. Laugh. Love. ♡

Ian K (11MHA)

Thank you to my best friends who have made the last 5 years the best – will always be my favourite people. Also, thank you to Miss McCormick for having faith in me and for always being the one who checked up on me to see if I was OK or to see if I was struggling with school work or home life – or just me in general! 💕

Shannon T (11NMC)

My time at Mayfield started a bit differently then everyone else’s. But I can say I will miss everyone - I have made some amazing friends that I hope I will have for life! Can’t forget the amazing teachers who helped tto support me and truly change my life for the better - so, thank you!

Siobhan M (11JKO)

Wish everyone the best with your future. Special thanks to Miss Hurd and Mr Grindley for all of your support and help.

Maddison G (11RMA)

To Mr Grindley - thank you for being the best role model to our year and never giving up on us (as hard as that may have been sometimes!). Thank you for always pushing us to do our best and always making us see our true potential. You're a lovely human being and I'll always be grateful.

Amelia S (11MKN)

Thank you to all the teachers who have helped me and all my friends with their genuine enthusiasm towards us learning and teaching! I can’t explain how much this helps us as pupils enjoy the subject more and I’m so grateful for all the time and effort everyone has put in!

Lewis H (11MTI)

Good Luck to the Class of 2020.

Richard M (11MHA)