Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Transforming Learning

We know that today’s young people need to leave our Academy equipped with the knowledge and skills, resilience and perspective to respond to the challenges of life in the 21st century.

At Oasis Academy Mayfield we offer a curriculum that will develop confident, independent, lifelong learners and enable every student to achieve their personal best. We believe that all of our students are capable of experiencing remarkable success given the right conditions to succeed. We expect every student to make good or better progress throughout their time with us regardless of their individual challenges or their starting point. Our staff work hard to make sure each and every one of our young people have the opportunity and resources at their fingertips to reach their potential. 

There are three key principles underpinning the design of the Academy’s curriculum:

  • All students have access to a broad, balanced and coherent curriculum that supports learning
  • A strong core ensures that basic skills such as literacy and numeracy are embedded at an early stage so that students are able to access the wider curriculum
  • A range of learning pathways is on offer to support and challenge all students thus enabling them to open any door they wish to in the future

The curriculum encourages a thirst for knowledge and understanding and a love of learning. It covers a range of subjects and provides opportunities for academic, technical and sporting excellence. It contributes well to students’ academic achievement, their physical well-being and their spiritual, moral, social and cultural development. It promotes good behaviour and a good understanding of safety matters. Alongside the taught PSHE curriculum, extra-curricular activities, pastoral support, assemblies and themed events deliver SMSC. These support the delivery of the Academy values, as well as promoting awareness of self and others and to promote British values of respect, tolerance, equality and fairness.

Knowledge Organisers

Knowledge Organisers are used as a method of study support and revision. Students are encouraged to self-quiz their knowledge by using the 'Look, Write, Check' method alongside the Knowledge Organiser for each subject. These are updated half termly, so that students have a comprehensive bank of information about the key topics they are learning.

Following the Summer GCSEs and the new specifications for exams, we are currently reviewing and further developing our Knowledge Organiser's for each subject. This will be complete by the end of this term and uploaded to the website (on this page) for parents and students to access anytime.

During this period, students will be given our current Autumn term Knowledge Organisers to support their learning.

Please contact your subject teacher/curriculum leader if you need any further information on any aspect of the Knowledge Organisers.

If you would like any further information concerning our curriculum offer please contact us: [email protected]