Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Enrichment & Extra-curricular


At Oasis Academy Mayfield we believe that in order for our students to lead a happy and successful life they not only need strong academic results but also to have developed key ‘life skills’ that will help them get on in the workplace. We define ‘life skills’ as confidence, articulacy, social skills and teamwork.

The experiences that enable young people to develop these skills are an essential part of a well-rounded education and yet can easily be overlooked. In order to ensure that our students can stand shoulder to shoulder with a students from the most privileged of backgrounds and compete on an equal footing we have designed an Enrichment Programme that encompasses a wide range of aspects of school life.

Extra-curricular programme

Our extra-curricular programme runs after school each day as a period 6 between 3-4pm. There is also an opportunity to take part in our hub outreach offer which runs after 5pm and on weekends.

All our pupils, from Year 7 to Year 11, are encouraged to take part in our extra-curricular programme which provides opportunities for them to learn new skills, develop new interests and have fun.

We aim to be fully inclusive and to encourage all pupils to take part in activities that both excite and challenge them to achieve their full potential and pupils regularly provide input into the list of clubs we run so that we are providing activities they will enjoy. A directed programme of intervention and support is also offered to Year 11 students to help them prepare for their GCSE examinations.

Click the link below to see our current extra-curricular programme for 2023-24.

Assemblies and Current Affairs Tutorial

We believe it is vitally important that our students understand what is happening in the world around them and for this reason we have developed our assemblies to focus specifically on key events, dates, months e.g. Black History Month and Holocaust Memorial Day and areas that our students need to have an understanding of e.g. E-safety and mental health awareness.

Our current affairs tutor activity ties to our assemblies and is an additional opportunity to find out more information using a range of credible sources.

Click here to see our assemblies and current affairs tutorials programme for 2021-22.

Trips & Visits

As the world is slowly returning to normal following the Covid outbreak, we are now able to return to offering both day and residential trips to destinations in the England and Europe.

Trips and visits enable students to enrich and enhance their curriculum beyond the classroom. Our trips and visits will allow lifelong memories to be made, while building on personal skills and embedding the Oasis 9 habits which will have lasting benefits for the future.

Click the link below for more details on upcoming trips and visits.

Student Leadership

We have leadership opportunities for our students that include being a tutor representative, year representative, prefect, head prefects, peer mentors, anti-bullying ambassadors, restorative justice ambassadors, being part of a sports committee.