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In order to prepare our students for the rigor of GCSE Examinations in Year 11, each year group undertake a set of Pre-Public Exams during the academic year. Not only do these help students learn the procedures and protocols of sitting important tests, but it also provides valuable information for further study, revision and intervention. Alongside the Academy's data collection process, the results of these exams assist both teacher and parent gain a better understanding of each student's current learning and a student report is produced.

Years 8 - 10 will sit one set of PPEs per year, while Year 7 sit Baseline Testing when they join the Academy in September. Year 11 will sit 2 sets of PPEs; one in the Autumn term and one in the Spring term in preparation for the Summer GCSE exams.

The first set of PPE (mock) exams will take place from Monday 10th to Friday 21st December 2018. An exam timetable will be available following the half term break.

To support Year 11 over the coming months, the Academy will provide additional study and revision workshops, available at lunch and after school during P6 across all subjects. These are not compulsory, but students will be encouraged to attend, in order to give them the extra academic help they need prior to taking their GCSEs. 

GCSE Exams 2018

The full GCSE exam timetable can be downloaded here. As well as being available on the website, each Year 11 student will receive a personalised timetable listing the exams they have been entered for.

If you have any queries over exam arrangements for 2018-19, please contact either Miss Piper, Head of Year 11 in the first instance via email Hellen.Piper@oasismayfield.org or by calling the academy on 023 8032 8128.

If you require any further support regarding your child in Year 11, please talk to your Tutor or your KS4 Pastoral Leader Ms Harvey.

Should you need to contact any member of staff, particularly subject specific teachers, please visit the Who's Who section of our website.

How does the new GCSE assessment system work?

Many of you will know that the courses and exams for GCSE students were recently changed. The reason is to ensure that young people have the knowledge and skills they need to suceed and be graded fairly. They cover more challenging content and are designed to match standards in the strongest educational systems throughout the world.

  • GCSEs in England will have a new scale from 9 (the highest) to 1 (the lowest)
  • The old GCSE grading system do not directly compare, however alignments can be made between the letters A*-F and the Scale 9-1
  • They have been designed this way to differentiate between student performance, and support those students who sit at the top of their grade banding

Please see this short video from AQA to help you understand how the grade system translates.

What is Progress 8?

From 2016 all students and schools will be measured on how much progress they make from when they start year 7 to when they complete their exams at the end of year 11. It is based on progress across 8 subjects across a broad and balanced curriculum.

Scores will always be determined by dividing the student's points total by 10 (the 8 qualifications with English and Mathematics counting for double) regardless of how many qualifications are sat.

Below is a 3 minute video from the DfE to help explain Progress 8 further.


What is Attainment 8?

Attainment 8 is similar to Progress 8, however this measures attainment rather than progress accross the years over the same 8 subjects.