Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community


IMPORTANT: Year 10 Mock Examinations


Please find below full details of how your grades will be decided and when and how your grades will be received.

All of the staff at Mayfield as well as the exam boards have taken into account how difficult it has been for you to work towards your qualifications during the pandemic both this academic year and last year. The approach for this academic year has been carefully designed to make grading as fair as possible in these unique circumstances. Grades for GCSE and A-level qualifications this year are called ‘Teacher Assessed Grades’ but this does not simply mean your teachers will be able to decide your grades. Detailed guidance has been given to us by the Joint Council for Qualifications (JCQ) which we must follow (

The JCQ have also published a guide for Students and Parents ( which may help you understand the approach further.

In order to meet the guidelines, we must publish our specific academy approach to grading on our website in a document called our Centre Assessment Policy. This document is written for the awarding organisation or exam boards to check our approach is correct, you may also you may find this document useful in providing you with additional information about our approach.

To help you understand what will happen next, below are outlined key areas of the process.

I wish each of you the best possible grades despite all of the challenging circumstances that you have faced during the pandemic. The team here at Mayfield look forward to providing you with continued advice, support and guidance. Not just in the weeks ahead, but also as you begin the next stage of your educational journey.

Miss Taylor


How does the new GCSE assessment system work?

Many of you will know that the courses and exams for GCSE students were recently changed. The reason is to ensure that young people have the knowledge and skills they need to suceed and be graded fairly. They cover more challenging content and are designed to match standards in the strongest educational systems throughout the world.

  • GCSEs in England will have a new scale from 9 (the highest) to 1 (the lowest)
  • The old GCSE grading system do not directly compare, however alignments can be made between the letters A*-F and the Scale 9-1
  • They have been designed this way to differentiate between student performance, and support those students who sit at the top of their grade banding

Please see this short video from AQA to help you understand how the grade system translates.

What is Progress 8?

From 2016 all students and schools will be measured on how much progress they make from when they start year 7 to when they complete their exams at the end of year 11. It is based on progress across 8 subjects across a broad and balanced curriculum.

Scores will always be determined by dividing the student's points total by 10 (the 8 qualifications with English and Mathematics counting for double) regardless of how many qualifications are sat.

Below is a 3 minute video from the DfE to help explain Progress 8 further.


What is Attainment 8?

Attainment 8 is similar to Progress 8, however this measures attainment rather than progress accross the years over the same 8 subjects.