Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Academically More Able

Here at Oasis Academy Mayfield we are committed to providing the best possible standard of education for all learners, regardless of ability. Within this context, we aim to meet the needs of specific learners, such as those who are identified as academically more able (AMA).

We have a variety of special visits and events for AMA students, in addition to the provision in class and extra-curricular clubs and classes.

Please click here to view the table of AMA visits and events.

Southampton University Outreach programmes

The academy collaborates with the University of Southampton and their outreach activities for all year groups, which may include for example: Subject Master Classes, Taster Days and Mentoring Sessions.

Higher education outreach activities are aimed at showing students the Higher Education (HE) opportunities available at College and University, and how completing an HE course can benefit their career and life prospects.

Southampton Central Police Station Commissioner’s Takeover Day

In Year 9, students have the opportunity to participate in the Police Commissioner’s Takeover Day. This event is specially tailored for AMA students and involves problem solving, taking part in challenge scenarios, making decisions on the allocation of police resources and discussing how police problems affect communities and should be addressed.