Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Academically More Able

Here at Oasis Academy Mayfield we are committed to providing the best possible standard of education for all learners, regardless of ability. Within this context, we aim to meet the needs of specific learners, such as those who are identified as academically more able (AMA).

We believe in quality first teaching to ensure that our academically more able are stretched and challenged to meet their potential. Teaching staff use ‘Thinking Harder’ strategies to plan lessons to stretch the most able. Strategies include hypothetical questioning, using metacognition, linking and extending responses.

We also have a range of extra-curricular activities for Academically More Able students to participate in across the five years they are with us.
Southampton University Outreach programmesThe academy is proud to collaborate with the University of Southampton and their outreach activities for all year groups, which include: Subject Master Classes, Taster Days, Mentoring Sessions, research proposal activities.

Higher education outreach activities are aimed at showing students the Higher Education (HE) opportunities available at College and University, and how completing an HE course can benefit their career and life prospects.

Southampton University also offer parental HE advice evenings which are widely advertised to the community to support those considering university as part of their future pathways.
University ChallengeBased on the popular BBC television programme our Year 7 Academically More Able students have the opportunity to be participants in University Challenge. This is a city-wide challenge which Oasis Academy Mayfield is proud to have won three years in a row!
Geography MastermindBased on another popular BBC television programme our Year 9 Academically More Able students have the opportunity to compete with other schools across the city to become the master eggheads!
The Brilliant ClubIn Years 9 and 10 our Academically More Able students have the opportunity to take part in The Brilliant Club. The Brilliant Club supports students to write a dissertational thesis with the support of local University lecturers. This opportunity also includes two visits to highly selective universities as well as a graduation on completion of their dissertational thesis