Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Grow Together Project


This year, Oasis Academy Mayfield has launched an exciting new project call ‘Grow Together’. The Grow Together Project uses funding from the Tesco’s Bag for Life Charity to create a vegetable garden at the academy.

 The project led by our Community Hub Lead, our Saints Community Champion and the Pheonix team, is designed for students to plant vegetables, learn to maintain the garden and make tasty dishes from our crops. So far our students have made soup for the children that come along to our YMCA Holiday Camps here at Mayfield and for the local homeless shelter, the Two Saints in St Mary’s.

In our garden we have Carrots, Cauliflowers, Parsnips, Beetroot, Onions, Peas, Leeks and a variety of Herbs.

 The project helps to promote healthy eating, allowing our students to become more knowledgeable about planting and growing vegetables, and supports our local community.


The Community Hub Lead, Joe Bolwell said;

“Running this project has been more rewarding than I thought it ever could be. It has opened my eyes, as well as our students and staff to how easy it is to plant, grow, look after and harvest vegetables yourself and actually how much fun it can be!

The children from the YMCA Day Camps here in the holidays were truly amazing when helping me make all the veg into soup (we made about 60 litres). They all loved it and learnt so much about fresh veg and healthy eating in general. So many said they didn’t like vegetable soup at the beginning but by the end we were having to stop them from eating it all!

There are no words to describe how I felt when I received the photos from the Homeless Shelter we donated the soup to of the guys there eating what we had made from scratch. It was so good to know we have started something that we can do over and over again to help these people as much as we can.

 This is such a worthwhile project and everyone involved gets so much out of it…….. onto the next crop!

Some of our Students said;

“I really enjoyed doing the gardening. It was very therapeutic and nice to know it was being used for something good.”


“I enjoyed the gardening as it gave us an opportunity to get fresh air whist making sure we looked after the crop”


“ It was good because it helped you release stress”


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