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Term Dates


Term First Day of Term Half Term Last Day of Term
Autumn 2018 Tuesday 4th September Monday 22nd - Friday 26th October
returning on 
Monday 29th October
Friday 21st December
Spring 2019 Monday 7th January Monday 18th - Friday 22nd February
returning on 
Monday 25th February
Friday 5th April
Summer 2019 Tuesday 23rd April Monday 27th - Friday 31st May
returning on
Monday 3rd June
Friday 19th July 


Students are not required to attend the academy on the following days:

  • Monday 3rd September 2018
  • Friday 5th October 2018
  • Tuesday 19th March 2019
  • Wednesday 10th July 2019

Period 5 INSET/CPD

The academy closes at 1.25pm, and students are able to leave at the end of their Period 4 Lesson. 

  • Tuesday 20th November 2018
  • Tuesday 11th December 2018
  • Tuesday 15th January 2019
  • Tuesday 5th Februray 2019
  • Tuesday 25th June 2019

Allocation of INSET/CPD Training Time

Nationally, all schools and academies that follow the ‘School Teachers Pay and Conditions’, require teachers to be available to work for 195 days. On 5 of the 195 days, teachers cannot be directed to teach. These days are commonly known as INSET, CPD (Continuing Professional Development) or Training days.

Here at Mayfield, we usually disaggregate one or more of our five days and use that gained time to close for Period 5 on selected Tuesdays. We do this so that we can have more regular training that does not disrupt whole days of learning.

Often, but not always, our teachers work collaboratively with Oasis Lord’s Hill and Oasis Sholing on common development priorities during these training times/days.

We do try really hard not to move or change these days once published so that you can plan your childcare accordingly, but sometimes this is unavoidable. We will always give you as much notice as possible if we do ever need to change plans.

I hope this has answered any questions you may have had but please feel free to contact the academy via telephone 023 8032 8128 / email: info@oasismayfield.org, or attend any of the Parent Group Meetings, if you have any feedback that you feel would be useful to us or any questions you still have about the academy.  

2019 - 2020 Term Dates

Autumn Term 2019:

Wednesday 4th September to Friday 20th December
Half Term:
Monday 28th October to Friday 1st November
Christmas Break: Monday 23rd December to Friday 3rd January

Spring Term 2020:

Monday 6th January to Friday 3rd April
Half Term:
Monday 17th February to Friday 21st February
Easter Break: Monday 6th April to Friday 17th April

Summer Term 2020:

Monday 20th April to Friday 17th July
Half Term:
Monday 25th May to Friday 29th May

INSET Days 2019/20Students are not required to attend.INSET DAY: Monday 2nd September 2019
INSET DAY: Tuesday 3rd September 2019
INSET DAY: Friday 4th October 2019
INSET DAY: Friday 14th February 2020
INSET DAY: Monday 20th July 2020

For all UK bank holidays: