Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community


The internet plays a big part in young people's lives. It provides many amazing opportunities, however, we have to do all we can to ensure the internet is a safe place for all young people to explore.     

Regardless of whether we like it or not, technology is advancing these days at an ever increasing rate. As a result we are acutely aware that 'safety' whilst using e-mail and the internet is becoming more and more difficult to control.

Whilst in the Academy, students adhere to the contracts they sign at the start of each academic year. These contracts promote 'good practice' that they hopefully adopt whilst using IT resources at home.

Please click here to view and download our E-Safety Policy.

Our SMART rules are:

  • S encourages users to stay SAFE by not giving out personal details online.
  • M highlights the dangers of MEETING someone who is only known online.
  • A warns that ACCEPTING emails, pictures or texts from unknown people can be risky.
  • R reminds users that information and people we find online may not be RELIABLE.
  • T encourages young people to always TELL a parent, carer or trusted adult if something or someone online makes them feel uncomfortable.

It sometimes feels like young people are always one step ahead of adults when it comes to the latest way to communicate between themselves and their friends and also on issues such as which social networking site is the best. As a result, we feel it is appropriate to offer support and advice on how to keep children safe whilst visiting such sites and in the general use of computers at home: Social Media Guidance

You will also find a list of several websites where good advice can be found. These range from government backed sites, to independent sites, that give straightforward and effective advice on topics ranging from general internet use, to the more unpleasant aspects of technology such as Cyberbullying.

What is the Internet of Things (IoT)?

Please click here for our recent communication to parents and carers about the Internet and Social Networking.

FORTNITE - What parents need to know!

Click here to make a report of online abuse to the police.