Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community


Oasis vision is for community – a place where everyone is included, making a contribution and reaching their God-given potential.
We believe that all of us – and we mean all of us – are created in the image of God who loves us. That’s why we work with people regardless of any distinction you can think of. We call this working inclusively.
We’re motivated by our Christian faith to meet the whole kit and caboodle of human needs – educational, environmental, physical, spiritual, social and economical. We call this working holistically. So we are committed to working at the heart of communities aiming to reconnect people and provide a whole package of integrated, high quality and diverse services in order to benefit the whole person and the whole community too – in other words delivery that is 360˙. And this is what we are trying to do with Oasis Hub Mayfield.

We want to be part of building a stronger sense of community in Southampton, playing our part in helping to transform it into a place where all people feel safe, happy and proud to live, learn and work alongside one another.

Our Chaplaincy team consists of:

  • Paul Woodman
  • Karen Dawkins
  • Jon Oliver

To help us do this we have an Oasis Chaplain who is a key member of staff who provides not just spiritual input as and when needed, but works with both staff and students to provide support and pastoral care. It is this attention to the welfare of students and the pastoral care provided, that makes sure every student is known, loved and nurtured.

The Chaplaincy team is led by Paul Woodman, who also leads the national team of chaplains for Oasis UK. The Mayfield Chaplaincy team includes Karen Dawkins and Jon Oliver. The team works closely with staff and students of the Academy helping them to find success and hope and caring for their growth on the journey through life. There is also a dedicated prayer space, which can be used as a quiet place to go to - a place for contemplation, thought and reflection. The team are  available flexibly throughout the week and deliver specific pieces of work in the Academy on Monday mornings, Wednesday afternoons and most lunchtimes.

The Chaplaincy team develops lots of initiatives and programmes which support students and staff in their spiritual, moral, social and cultural developments. These include, Student Volunteering, Grief and Loss courses, Family Film Events and many community activities including the successful Hub Quiz evenings!

As part of his role, Paul is also responsible for developing Oasis Church Mayfield.

"Being Oasis Chaplain is a really exciting opportunity that not only provides pastoral support for the Academy students and staff, but also increases the links the Academy has with the local community and gives us a greater chance to expand the work of Oasis Hub Mayfield as we play our part in seeing transformation where we are."

In addition to working in the Academy, Jon Oliver leads a team that host youth and community activities at Monty’s (Sholing Shop in Montague Avenue).