Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Oasis Ethos and Habits

Everything within Oasis Community Learning starts and ends with our ethos!

Our ethos is an expression of our character - it is a statement of who we are and therefore the lens through which we assess all we do. We are committed to a model of inclusion, hope, perseverance, healthy relationships and compassion throughout all the aspects of the life and culture of every hub and every Academy community.

Our five ethos statements…

Inspired by the life, message and example of Jesus, we are committed to fostering:

Oasis Circle of Inclusion

A passion to include everyone

Oasis Equality Icon

A desire to treat everyone equally, respecting differences

Oasis Healthy Relationships Icon

A commitment to healthy and open relationships

Oasis Hope Icon

A deep sense of hope that things can change and be transformed

Oasis Perseverance Icon

A sense of perseverance to keep going for the long haul

The Oasis 9 Habits

Oasis 9 Habits GridWe believe that continually developing our character to become the best version of ourselves is really important for every student and staff member alike. Therefore, we actively promote and practice the Oasis 9 Habits.

Our work is motivated and inspired by the life, message and example of Christ. We recognise the richness that spiritual and cultural diversity brings to our community. We respect the beliefs and practices of other faiths and will provide a welcoming environment for pupils of all faiths and those with none.

We recognise that we are stronger together and value collaboration. We aim to develop an understanding and tolerance of each other through knowledge, mutual respect, believing the best and forgiveness. Individual rights will be respected and choice will be exercised within a culture of self-discipline.