Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Vision and Values

As part of Oasis, we passionately believe in its' ethos.  At Oasis Academy Mayfield, we are committed to delivering excellence for everyone, entitling our students, staff and community to an exceptional education. It is our responsibility to provide the highest standards of teaching and learning, enabling students to achieve their very best, preparing them for life in the 21st century. We strive to  every student to make outstanding progress throughout their time at the academy, regardless of their individual challenges or starting point on entry. This focus stands resolutely alongside the wider vision of Oasis Community Learning and the Education Charter. 

We encourage our students and staff to follow the Mayfield Way; Be Kind, Be Determined and Be Proud.  The Student Charter, created by students and staff together, provides the best explanation of The Mayfield Way and our collective expectations from the academy and each other. Underpinning these are our 9 habits. 

We believe that schools are transformational in enhancing and supporting the development of the local community.  We are focused on being role models to our students and their families and are extremely proud of the community we serve.

As an academy we have agreed our long term goals for excellence which fit under four pillars of continuous school improvement, these are:

Teaching that is never less than good

All teachers promote excellence, they have high expectations which challenges all learners as a result of intentional well planned lessons. Students demonstrate exceptional levels of engagement and enthusiasm inspired by thought provoking and inspirational teaching, creating a passion for learning that extends beyond the school day.

Progress for all from all start points

All students make rapid and sustained progress. Through a rich, broad and balanced curriculum, personalised learning delivers challenge for all. There is a relentless focus on achieving excellence. High expectations promote motivated and inspired learners. All students are supported by staff, parents, peers and the wider community in the pursuit of limitless ambition for success.

Student Entitlement

Proud, confident, self-aware and Kind students who are Determined in the face of challenge. Our students have a can do attitude, are willing to take risks, and celebrate diversity, knowing they are fully supported by the Academy and wider community to be the very Best.


We expect our students and staff to follow the Mayfield Way; to be proud, be determined, be kind and be the best.

The Mayfield Way forms part of our Reward System, which is an important part of academy life.

Reward points can be awarded for a wide range of reasons including:

  • Following The Mayfield Way in and out of the academy.
  • Attendance and outstanding progress.
  • Healthy eating, exercise, and extra-curricular clubs.
  • Display work or performances.
  • Taking responsibility in the academy.
  • Being a good ambassador outside the academy.

Students follow the Reward journey throughout each academic year and collect certificates and badges as they achieve each milestone.

We love to acknowledge students’ hard work and success and do this in a number of ways including:

  • Simple Verbal Praise
  • Phone Call Home
  • Praise Postcards
  • Reward Certificates
  • Celebration Assemblies
  • Reward Trips
  • End of Term Prize Raffles

Staff Entitlement

All staff demonstrate a thirst for professional development which is matched by the training and support they receive. Staff model their practice as motivated and inspirational self-aware learners. Progression and excellence in pedagogy is the norm. Leaders emerge throughout the academy regardless of their role with talent harnessed to enable everyone to excel.